Adopt-A-Shelf at RFPL

Do you love books? Are you a stickler for details? Combine your talents and help the library by becoming an Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer at the River Forest Public Library! The Adopt-A-Shelf program is one of a range of volunteer opportunities designed to encourage our patrons to take an active role in the library.

An Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer helps us maintain orderly shelves and makes sure the books are where they should be. This eliminates the frustration of missing books and makes our collection more available to everyone!

Click here to read more in our Adopt-A-Shelf brochure.

What will I do as an Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer?

When a volunteer has been assigned a shelf they will be in charge of making sure the books on the shelf are in Dewey Decimal order, arranged neatly, easy to move, and evenly spaced.

How much time will I spend as an Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer?

The program requires at least 1 hour every two weeks… but you can check your shelf more frequently if you want!

What are the requirements for becoming an Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer?

You must be at least 16 years of age, available to be trained by staff in Dewey Decimal organization, be comfortable lifting books and reaching the top and bottom shelves, and you must have an application filled out at the library.

What are the rewards for being an Adopt-A-Shelf Volunteer?

Besides the satisfaction of helping your library and community for every completed term of our Adopt-A-Shelf program, the River Forest Public Library will add a nameplate dedicated to the volunteer on one of our new books or audiovisual materials. The more time you donate, the more the collection will reflect your valuable service– both through its improvement as well as through the items that have your name on them!

Ready to Adopt-A-Shelf?

Fill out a form at the library or click here to view and print the form from our website, or contact Joanna Bertucci at 708-366-5205 x310, or via email at Check out our other volunteer opportunities under the About the Library Main Page/Employment and Volunteering tab on our website.