Pay Your Fines Online

The Metropolitan Library System is looking for ways to make your library experience as convenient as possible. You can now pay your late fees and fees for damaged or lost materials online!

Ecommerce FAQ
Q: What is Ecommerce?
A: Ecommerce is an online payment service which allows you to pay any or all of your fines, bills, and other charges via SWAN’s WebPAC. You can use Ecommerce while using the WebPAC in a SWAN library (such as River Forest Public Library) or from any PC with an Internet Connection.

Q: What credit cards can I use for online payment?
A: Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

Q: Can I use a debit card for online payment?
A: No, debit cards cannot be used for online payment, but a bank card with a credit card logo may be used.

Q: If I have a PayPal account, can I use it to pay charges on my library account?
A: No, you can only pay by credit card.

Q: Can I pay only part of what I owe online?
A: When you click on the “Pay Online” button, you are offered the choice of paying all charges or selecting specific charges that you want to pay. But, you cannot pay part of a single charge. To select specific charges, click on the “Clear All” button, and then check the individual charges you wish to pay.

Q: If I use online payment, is my patron information and my credit card safe?
A: Yes, your information is secure. The system uses Verisign to transmit secure payments. Your credit card information is not stored in the library’s database and the information is encrypted before it is transmitted to PayPal via a secure gateway connection.

Q: Will I receive a receipt for online payments?
A: Yes, if you have an email address in your patron record or enter an email address in the online payment form, your receipt will be emailed to your from “Library Receipt []“.

Q: Is there a service fee when I pay online?
A: No, there is no service fee for you to pay online.

Q: Can I use my credit card to pay charges at the Circulation Desk instead of online?
A: The River Forest Public Library does not accept credit card payments through the Circulation Desk at this time. You may pay your fees at a computer within the library by logging in to your SWAN account.

Q: Who will be the merchant listed on my credit card statement for online payments?
A: The merchant on your credit card statement will be “Metropolitan Library System”, not the name of your local SWAN member library (River Forest Public Library).

If you have further questions, please call the Circulation Desk at 708-366-5205, x 304.