Patron Technology Policy

River Forest Public Library Patron Technology Policy

I. Equipment and Computer Use

A. Computer Hardware/Software/Printing

RFPL owns computer terminals that are available for patron use. Public computers require a login with a current RFPL card in good standing. A limited number of guest passes may be issued at any one time to non-residents. Some computers may be designated for use by specific patron age groups. Patrons may not use another River Forest resident’s card to circumvent any computer use policies, or to gain extra time on RFPL computers. RFPL reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or ban any patron from using RFPL equipment and computers.

RFPL software is not to be installed on non-RFPL computers, nor are non-RFPL computers or non-storage devices (cameras, printers, etc.) to be connected to RFPL network, with the exception of wireless connections. Patrons are prohibited from using personal software on RFPL computers and from downloading software onto RFPL computers. RFPL computer terminals include software to meet patron needs of word processing, office applications, and Internet browsing. Software additions or changes will be considered at the discretion of staff in consultation with the Director and Managers. Software used to facilitate exam proctoring or other patron test taking may be downloaded by RFPL staff on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the Manager of Adult Services.

Public computers are configured such that hard drives are wiped and restored at the end of each session. Library patrons are encouraged to save important documents on a portable USB drive to limit the possibility of data loss.

RFPL accepts no responsibility for the safety or security of any computer brought into RFPL. Neither RFPL nor its staff can be held liable for any loss arising from the failure of hardware, software, or from human error.

There is a charge for printing from RFPL computers. At the discretion of RFPL staff, RFPL patrons may use personal paper to print specialized documents such as resumes. RFPL printers may not be compatible with all types of paper.

RFPL staff members may provide assistance to patrons regarding the use of computers as time and staff knowledge permit. Additional assistance may be available in the form of computer classes.

B. Computer Usage/Internet

RFPL urges patrons to be informed consumers and carefully evaluate information obtained via the Internet. RFPL staff members are unable to provide definitive analysis of online sources due to the extremely large variety and volume of information available via the Internet.

RFPL makes reasonable accommodations to ensure the safety and security of our networks for our patrons. Downloading information from the Internet and saving it for personal use is at the risk of the user. Neither RFPL, nor its staff, are liable for the safety or security of information transmitted across the Internet using RFPL computers or networks.

It is not technically feasible to prevent users from accessing systems, networks, and services which may contain material considered offensive to a user, or inappropriate for minors. Accordingly, users should be aware that they might encounter messages, materials, or graphics on the Internet that they find offensive.

Use of RFPL’s computers must be for legal, acceptable purposes. Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

• Harassment of others, including but not limited to sexual harassment;

• Defamation of others;

• Violation of copyright law;

• Violation of licensing or access agreements with online service providers;

• Violation of system security;

• Destruction, damage, or unauthorized modification to equipment, software, or data;

• Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications;

• Activities in violation of local, state, or federal laws or ordinances;

• Overuse of equipment that results in denying access to others;

• Deliberately accessing obscene materials.

Persons who use RFPL’s computers for unacceptable uses may lose the privilege of using all RFPL facilities including access to its computer systems.

Children under the age of fourteen may access the Internet via the computers in designated areas. Parents/guardians are advised to monitor their children’s use of RFPL’s computer systems if they wish to control the information, messages, and graphics to which their children are exposed. RFPL staff will not monitor children’s use. RFPL recommends that parents/guardians discuss rules and limitations with their children before giving their children permission to access the Internet.


Approved by the RFPL Board on March 15, 2016