Freedom of Information Act Policy

River Forest Public Library Freedom of Information Officer:

Sue Quinn, Head of Strategic Planning
River Forest Public Library
735 Lathrop Avenue
River Forest, Illinois
708.366.5205 ext 319

The Freedom of Information Act is used to ensure that all persons are entitled to full and complete information regarding the affairs of government. Unless information falls within an express statutory exemption, it must be disclosed under FOIA (5 ILCS 140/3). Considered a public body, the River Forest Public Library must generally comply with a request within 5 working days after receipt of the request, or 21 day if the request is for a commercial purpose. The request must be in writing. (See link to request form below). An extension of 5 days may be permitted under certain circumstances.

Fees and costs for supplying records may occur according to the following schedule:
The first 50 pages of black and white, letter, or legal paper are free of charge. After the first 50 pages, the Library will charge .10 per page. Colored copies and copies sized other than legal or letter size will be charged at the actual cost of reproduction. Cost of electronic records, e.g., disks, diskettes, tapes, etc., will be charged at the actual cost of the recording medium. Certified copies are $1.00. Fees may be waived or reduced if waiver is within the public interest.

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Approved by River Forest Public Library Board of Trustees, May 18th, 2010