Program Policy

The River Forest Public Library offers targeted programs to meet community needs and interests as identified in our Strategic Plan. The library provides a free source of learning, entertainment, and cultural enrichment to our patrons beyond our own collection resources.

Some programs invite newcomers to our library by introducing them to our collections and services. Other programs build library visibility in the community or strengthen relationships among community members by creating memorable experiences. Overall, our programs aspire to the overall goal of community engagement.

All programs should:
-meet at least one service goal (as outlined in our Strategic Plan)
-be of good quality
-have strong community appeal

In planning and carrying out its sponsored programs, the Library aspires to meet the standards set forth in the Library Bill of Rights. The Library also recognizes that the resources available for the sponsorship of programs are limited and the selection, planning and implementation of Library sponsored programs ultimately rests in the discretion of the Library’s professional staff.

The library reserves the right to restrict program attendance. Programs may be cancelled, in advance or the day of, if minimum attendance is not met or due to unforeseeable circumstances.