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Ah, bread…when I was a little girl, my mom would bake fresh bread for us every week.  After school, my brothers and sisters and I would walk into a house made delicious by the smell of freshly baked bread. The crust was thick and crunchy. The inside was light and tender. Honey and butter made it breakfast; a hearty soup made it dinner.

“Bread is a sign of civilization, a sign of good governance, a sign of God, and for most of history, the staff of life, without which the people would starve”. (Dean 2013) So it is with our community. If schools are the flour, kneading the hard work of our deliberative bodies, and  ovens  the democratic process, then perhaps Libraries are best likened to yeast. Our Library, through its collections, programs and services, works to expand the knowledge, creativity and imagination of the entire community.

Our Library is not the most important, expensive or powerful ingredient in our community, yet our Library was specifically recognized by the Village Comprehensive Plan, which included as one of its objectives to “Maintain the Library as an important focal point and resource for the community”. (Trkla 2003) In response, our staff strives to elevate patron lives, by engaging them with each other, with the greater community and with the world.

In fiscal year 2013-14, the River Forest Public Library served:

  • Cardholders: 8,374
  • Circulation:  200,804 items.
  • Story times: 8,476 visits from children and parents
  • Middle School:  2,902 attended programs
  • Older Adults: 978 attended programs
  • Older Adults:  122 attended Computer Classes:

It’s good to know what we do and who we reach. Most important of all though, is to know why we do it. We do it because the community has charged us with enriching the lives of River Forest residents of all ages. We do it so that when you walk into your Library you will feel uplifted, engaged  and happy. We do it because leavened loaves of bread are at very heart of community.

Yours in Library love,

Sophia Penelope Anastos

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